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Why you should take part Fupoofcoin



Free to sign up


Easy to earn coins


95% of coins go to airdrop participants


Potential for growth

With advertisers  and admins trying to spread word about there coin fast the only way is up.

 Limited number of coins makes it rare.

With only a million coins in existence, not hundreds of millions, Fupoofcoin has a much higher prospect of holding and increasing in value for years to come than 90% of the coins currently out there.

Coin breakdown

95% Airdrop
5% Dev/admin

Frequently Asked Questions About Fupoof


What is Fupoofcoin?

 A coin distrubted to twitter/Facebook users .Advertisers can buy the coins off the users help spread word about there product.

What is the Waveswallet?

It is where you can store and trade your Fupoofcoin.

When will I receive my Fupoofcoins after i take part in airdrops

You will receive them as soon as i can send then out to you.

What will determine the price of Fupoofcoin?

Market supply and demand.

When can you cash out your Fupoofcoin?

You can sell your fupoofcoin at anytime on the exchanges,are sell then to a advertiser for your tweets .

I what to advertise can I buy coins instead of doing the airdrop?

Absolutely! There are coins for sale  on the Waves Decentralized Exchange,CryptoDAO and .You can also go to are forum and directly deal with are facebook and twitter users.

What is the total supply of Fupoofcoin?

One million coins in total.